BELIZE, the New Panama!!!
The Panama Ports Company will begin operating at the Cristobal Cruise Liner Terminal, located on the Atlantic Ocean, the point of entry for thousands of tourist who visit Panama, a veritable paradise discovered.

Photo#1 and #6 Manzanillo began operations in April 1995, and thanks to its modern equipment and efficiency today achieves a rate of productivity in excess of thirty movements per hour. It provides loading and unloading services, automated systems for planning ships yard and yard control, repairing containers, a charter house, and direct access to the Colon Free Trade Zone.

Photo#2 The Panama Ports Company is the operator of the ports of Balboa (Pacific coast) and Cristobal (Atlantic coast), which provides a link and strategic access for world transatlantic trade. The port of Balboa in its stages I and II contemplates: 1,500 meters of dockland for bulk loading and unloading operations and for vehicles and passengers, 16 meters of quayside draft, 12 super postpanamax port cranes and over 500 connections for refrigerated containers.

Photo#3 In addition to the inter-modal transport, Panama is developing an enormous infrastructure de freight and tourist terminals, integrating this new activity into the development of the Duty Free Zone.

Photo#4 Manzanillo International Terminal Panama, a port located in Colon on the Atlantic Coast, is considered to be the largest center for cargo transshipment in Latin America. It has ten container cranes, super postpanamax and panamax cranes, 250 meters of quayside for roll an/roll off, and 1,225 meters on the crane quay.

Photo#5 The industrial sector has greatly benefited from the reversion of the Canal areas. This is the case of the Jose D. Bazan Processing Zone located on the former Davis base on the Atlantic coast, created in 1995 by the governments of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Panama with an initial investment of 13 million dollars. To date important projects have been carried out, such as Dipper Industries, Yin Hsin Plastics, Overseas Engineering & Construction Co. (rental of building machinery), Taiwan Stanch (wood processing) and Taiyork Mutal (metal processing), among others.

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